Ibores Cheese from the Spanish Extremadura

Ibores cheese is from the far-western edge of Spain, bordering Portugal. The area is known as the extremadura due to the rugged terrain. This is a goat milk cheese that has a naturally developed rind, so no waxing, no vacuum packing. In fact, what makes Ibores unique is how the rind is developed.

After air drying for a few days (mine was quite wet and took nearly a week!), the cheese is rubbed with a blend of Spanish olive oil from the same region, and a special smoked paprika, also from the extremadura region.

As a side note, this smoked paprika will make you feel you’ve been cheated all your life as smoked paprika goes!

Over the course of days, the oil will soak into the cheese, carrying that smoky wonderfulness into the cheese. This also helps discourage unwanted molds from developing on the surface of the new cheese. The rub will be repeated a few times during the maturation period, giving the cheese a beautiful reddish brown hue.

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